TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10)



Fortune Jack is an online Bitcoin Casino that accepts only Bitcoins. Apart from allowing Bitcoins this casino give chance for availing nine other crypto currencies. Fortune Jack is an appropriate place for those who aspires for Bitcoin Gambling. The list of other cryptocurrencies that includes are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Novacoin, Clam Dash, Peercoin, Namecoin, Reddcoin and Monero respectively.  Since, it is the Bitcoin only Casino the deposits and withdrawals are processed with an immediate effect.




mBit Casino is an online Bitcoin Casino where the deposits will be immediately credited that are less than 1 BTC. However, the massive deposits are to be scrutinized on the blockchain. This entire process consumes 30 minutes for receiving and paying. Here, the withdrawals are in fact, processed immediately. The first deposit is needed to have at least 5 confirmations before withdrawals are enabled.




Betchain in a Bitcoin Gambling website that display provably fair casino gaming. This Bicoin Casino is offerin over 2000+ variety games that are in excess than many other Bitcoin Casinos. The gaming lobby of this site exhibits classic casino games as well as some new 3D slots and multiplayer options. It even offers some unique games like horse racing, minesweeper, scratchcards, craps and many more.




Betcoin is an online Bitcoin Casino. The presentation of this website is very impressive, with genuine 3D cinematic animations created in accordance with the demands of today’s casino’s industries. This Bitcoin Casino displays a broad plethora of over 160 games. This BTC casino syndicated by iconic, pioneering Slots3  series, animated feature movies and console video games, offers over 160 games. These includes Video Poker, Table and Lottery Games, Blackjack, Roulette, Keno and the groundbreaking fully 3d Poker3.




1xBit is a highly qualitative Bitcoin Gambling platform. This Bitcoin Casinos’ players are awarded with a 100% match BItcoin Bonus on their initial deposit up to 1 Bitcoin.  Added to it, this site presents a regularly updated promotions page which is always filled with brand new profitable offers. This is a provably fair website that avails SSL encryption software to safeguard the personal and financial transactions of the player.



mega wins

Megawins is an online Bitcoin Casino. This is the place for those who admires for Bitcoin Gambling. This site presents many number of promotions that is a boon for a player for making many deposits. This includes the Reload Thursday promo here a player can receive 30% cash bonus up to 0.25 BTC provided, making a deposit on this day.




PlayAmo Casino is a new and fair Bitcoin Gambling Casino. The site of this casino is a desktop computer and as well as a mobile casino which is targetted to offer a high quality games to gamers across the world. This casino allows Bitcoin and as well as US dollars and Euros. This casino is launched in the year of 2016 under the regulations and jurisdiction of Curacao. This is icensed by Softswiss N.V.




Here, at this Bitstartz Bitcoin Casino the deposits are processed with immediate effect. In addition to Bitcoins the players can select the deposits methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Cubits, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Sofortuberwaisung, Online Bank Transfer, Yande Money, QIWI, Comepay, Promsvyazbank, ALfa Click, Trustly, unionPay, Evroset, Pugglepay, Bitcoin, and Acentpay respectively. The minimum deposit accepted is 0.00001 mBTC/20 EUR and the maximum is fixed at 4000 Eur.




Bitsler is an online Bitcoin Casino offers three games. The First one is the Bitcoin dice game. This is very easy to navigate. The entire interface of this dice game is very much pleasing and relaxing. The other two Bitcoin games are Black Ace and Multicolor. They are designed to reveal uniqueness and refreshing fragrance for Bitcoin Gambling. With the addition of these games the Bitcoin bettors are now devoid of their lethargy.




Megadice is one of the most reputed online Bitcoin Casino in the world. Having been won with over 4 million BTC and approximately 6 million blockchain bets placed. Here, the players can receive up to a 64000x return on their wagers.  While at the time of playing Dice game the players can adjust their bet right from 0.0000001 BTC to 2 BTC that offers a lot of variation.


BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

An individual must not be afraid of the idea of Bitcoin Gambling. Because, it is only just simply a routine online casino however, with a different currency.

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Despite of using dollars or any other currencies, that tends to transact via credit cards or online payment facilities, Bitcoin are availed. The following runaway series of statements are intended for making freshers to feel and understand the things associated with Bitcoin Gambling.


The first and formost thing to do is to go through the reviews for finding the Best Bitcoin Gambling Gambling Site.

The next step is to complete the signing up formality for an account at the Bitcoin Casino, that have chosen.

bitcoin casino

The third step is to deposit the Bitcoins in the account. When the user does not possess Bitcoins, there are plenty of Bitcoin Sites, who are providing guidelines upon where an individual can get Bitcoins.

An another step to be followed is to take advantage of the Bitcoin Bonuses, Bitcoin Promos and Bitcoin Rewards, that will be offered.

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The next step is to find the Bitcoin game, which is very much fond of playing.

And lastly, but not least, is to enjoy the play and withdraw the winnings.


For those players, who are very much interested to play in a Real Bitcoin Casino, the following given Bitcoin tips can be considered. It is very simple to make use of these tips. For playing at Bitcoin Casinos, fundamentally, three series of steps must be remembered.

  1. The first important step is to acquire a Bitcoin Wallet.
  2. The second thing to do is to get Bitcoins.
  3. The final thing to do is to enjoy playing in some of the Best Bitcoin Casinos in the world with absolute anonymity.

The most prominent thing is to obtain a Bitcoin Wallet. These wallets will be of three kinds. They are; online wallets, software wallets and hardware wallets.

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An individual is set at liberty for choosing a wallet from the above mentioned ones. Hardware wallets are considered to be the utmost secured. However, online wallets are surely the easier ones to use. No a difficulty or a trouble will arise while availing any kind of wallet. The only thing is to be done is to go through the instructions and extract out, the functioning method of interface.


Bitcoins can be purchased by availing standard money. Also the Bitcoin Casinos Reviews is a best beginning point for gaining Bitcoins. In fact, an individual can actually involve in a sign up formality for a casino Bitcoin even without possessing Bitcoins at first.

bitcoin casino

There are plenty of Best Bitcoin Casino Sites, as of now, to offer information, for receiving Bitcoins. So, therefore, one can begin with an empty Bitcoin Wallet. It is to be noted that, the important thing lies only in constituting a Bitcoin wallet.


In an online Bitcoin Casino, the Bitcoins will be used for the purpose of depositing and withdrawing of Bitcoins. No sooner than the sign up formality is completed for having an account, a prospective player can go ahead to the page, at where the deposits of Bitcoins will be done. Even it is at this page, at where the Bitcoin winnings can be withdrawn.

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This page is going to be termed to be as “Cashier” page in some of the sites. Whereas, some other sites offers straight links for depositing and withdrawing, and that is resulting in acquiring Bitcoin functions. It would be a tough task for figuring out the usage of Bitcoin, which works in an online Bitcoin Gambling Sites.

A player is a prospective player, provided if he or she is familiar to use Bitcoins for BTC Gambling. It is to be very well remembered that, online casinos who use Bitcoins may differ in terms and conditions.

bitcoin casino

By going through these rules and regulations, a prospective player can develop a capacity, for bearing the uncertainties, that occurs while at the time of Gambling. A best instance is that, he or she cannot gets perturbed, if there is a loss of bonus Bitcoins, that have earned, since, they have expired.

 Bitcoin Casinos Reviews, are inclined to make an individual, for having familiarity regarding the rules and regulations pertaining to online Bitcoin Casinos, which are reviewed, by highlighting the status, that are either essential for questioning nor they are uncommon. These reviews will assists their readers in choosing a place for gambling, whether it is secure or reliable.


Eventhough Bitcoins might have faced set backs, or ups and downs, However, it has gradually metamorphosed as an alternative for government approved currency. Even it has attained full potentialities for outshining the traditional currency. It is a known fact that majority of the people have already commenced to accept and pay in Bitcoins, despite of traditional money. Bitcoins have become, greatly advantageous in the place of online gambling, since they are very much easier for wagering and collecting the winnings.

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Generally, gambling sites or online casinos need credit cards or any other kind of online payment options for permitting the players for keeping their bets and get the money they have won. But, it is a fact, that everyone may not have a credit card. However, if it is viewed from other side, online payment facilities, requires credit cards for verification and transferring the funds. And there is one more realistic fact is that, too many players cannot get for enjoying the fun of playing Bitcoin Casino  Games via Internet. Also, there are certain sites, which tends to provide, alternative options for online payments.

However, they are generally unreliable and cannot be trusted. At this particular moment, Bitcoin addresses the security and the concerns related to regulations, that are associated with other type of forms or currencies or payment schemes, which are hired by standard online casinos.

bitcoin casino

Though the Bitcoin online Casinos are emerging up slowly and steadily, it is not fair to ignore or discount the traditional casinos. But, one has to remember that, as of today, traditional casinos have maintained their respective advantages so far. There also prevails some Bitcoin Casinos, which are transacting by using only standard currency. The only fine thing to do is to simply furnish the majority of the merits of the online casinos which are accepting Bitcoins. To be fair, these merits are so powerful, for becoming a driving force behind a player to start playing by using Bitcoins no sooner than!

It is worth mentioning that the online casinos that are availing Bitcoins do not tend to involve fees, while at the time of transferring and withdrawing the funds. Whereas, while using credit cards or other modes of online payment, some fees is levied, that will be accumulated for a big amount over time.

It is a crystal clear fact that the transactions at Bitcoin Casinos are utmost secured. This cryptocurrency transactions are inherently secure and safe. That is purely depending upon the users proper usage for securing their Bitcoin wallets. In this aspect, callousness is condemned.

bitcoin casino

Since, Bitcoins do not permit third party personnel for involvement, transactions will be very fast. As a result, payouts will be processed within a short span of time, unless and until the online casino inclines for making it a slow and problematic process. In addition to that, a player is assured of his financial safety at Bitcoin Casinos. One need not disclose his or her real name while playing at Bitcoin Casinos. There is no point of discouraging while playing or claiming the winnings, provided if the valid identity is not revealed.


Online Bitcoin Casinos are offering a wide range of popular games for entertainment and playing. They are, Bitcoin Blackjack, Bitcoin Classic Slots, Bitcoin Based Dice Games, Video Slots, Jackpot Slots, Roulette, Bitcoin Poker and Live Bitcoin Poker, Video Poker, Craps, Table Games and Casual Games respectively.

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There are also present so many sites, that have to be memorized, for not to believe them, since, they always tend to boast of themselves, that their gaming lobby is filled with several thousands of games, which is truly a bluff. Some of the BTC Sites even offers Live Casinos. It is a realistic fact, that the well renowned games that are played upon the standard online casinos are fundamentally just similar to that of the games played at Bitcoin Casinos.


The reviews related to Bitcoin Casinos makes the players to be well informed. Bitcoin Casino Reviews even tend to exhibit the specimens of the gaming, which are obtainable along with the facts regarding the number of games that are prevailed in the prescribed categories. This figures are beneficial for deciding the best one, that is providing the utmost number of variety for the particular kind of game, the player is interested for playing.

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It is to be noted that, the Bitcoin Casino Reviews do not inform about the mechanics of the gaming. They only gives the details of certain games, that are inimitable in their noteworthy rules and features. There is an assumption that, majority of the playing personnel, who are aspiring for looking at information regarding the Best Bitcoin Casino Sites are very well informed with the norms of the different casino games, which can be enjoyed. Even the reviews tend to project their focus upon spontaneity and intuitiveness of the casino designing, the flexibility of sign up, the reactivity of the website, the policies of site, rules and regulations, the limit of games obtainable, and lastly but not least the entire gamut of gaming experience upon the websites respectively.


It is to be understood that, the presentation of real casinos reviews are written, in fact, by scrutinizing the online casinos, that are in line up. To be fair, reviews will let out the user-friendliness of the site. Reviews tends to talk about the real philosophy and working design of the website. In addition to that, reviews also, sign up for accounts for having a fair look at the real user interface and attributes of things, that are going to be reviewed. Also, the time taken for pages for loading is disclosed.

There is even an assurance, that will be given by the reviews, that the games which are listed on the online casino are real games, that can be played without having a suspicion. There will be even a hunt for the information related to house edge, manual shuffling support, and the availability of the mobile apps. Even the details pertaining to customer support extension by the casino will be informed via reviews.

bitcoin casino

To be exact, BTC reviews touches the utmost many number of prominent features of a Bitcon Casino viz; the sign up formality, the rewards the Best Bitcoin No Deposit Bonuses, the depositing and withdrawing methods of Bitcoins, the noteworthy provisions and norms related to the Bitcoin winnings and bonuses, the array of gaming available, the usage of gaming software, the gaming license and other important aspects of gambling rules like provably fair position, withdrawal information, the mobile casinos, currency allowed, website safety and security and languages that are adopted. For choosing the Best Bitcoin Casino, these entire factors will be taken into consideration for writing and presenting a review.

Upon home pages a regular upgraded ranking of the different BTC onine Casinos list will be posted. These rankings tends to provide a perfect and quick glance of the various casinos, which have already placed in limelight. The number of gaming that are obtainable, the star ratings, deposit bonus information, the currency permitted, information regarding the places served and a fast indicators for noting either the casino is provably fair or not.

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 For having an 100% enjoyment and profitability in BTC gambling, the reviews have to be availed. This fact has to be agreed. It is also suggested that, the casinos that boasts of the Bitcoin Gambling support, which are having dubious background must be avoided strenuously. So, therefore, the reviews which assists in discovering the appropriate online casino, that is syndicated with best plethora of gaming, provably fair gaming platforms, best policies and higher jackpots and bonuses must have to be taken in to kind consideration.